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  • Carleton North High School 30 School Street Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick, E7L 2G2 (map)

Official launch of “Mirror” the latest public artwork by Deanna Musgrave.

Performance of “Glass” (2019) by Andrew Reed Miller contrabass, electronics and found objects.

“Mirror” deals with themes of learning, diversity and community. Its framed circles bring to mind a portal into the infinite knowledge offered by books, the imagination and the internet. The two back-to-back circular paintings compliment the 1970’s architecture and highlight the variety of approaches to learning; both linear and holistic. These straight and curved shapes become a metaphor for the development of knowledge; highlighting that students can examine subjects globally and holistically, especially through the internet. That the mirror has two sides calls the viewer to explore facts and phenomenon from multiple angles; to be inquisitive but, also to be responsible learners in this time of a consciousness shift and varied perceptions on global events and facts.


Mirrors also reflect light and, as such, the artwork is a literal reflection of diversity, community and the “stars” of Florenceville-Bristol. As part of the project, community members and students were invited to submit objects for Musgrave’s “watermarking” process whereby, she lays objects onto the canvas and surrounds them with water and pigment to create an imprint of what was once there. Community members were encouraged to submit objects that represented Florenceville-Bristol, aspects of life they wished to release and personal stories from the people who live(d) in it

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